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Novembre 2011 28

The company TeleTrade is the title sponsor of the festival “Financial Intelligence” in Kraków.

From November 28 till December, 2 Kraków becomes the financial centre of Lesser Poland (Małopolska) Voivodeship. For five days the students of Kraków universities obtain information of entrepreneurship opportunities as well as may go deep into the subtleties of investment secrets, get acquainted with methods of proper decision taking in the fields of business, finances and management as well as make certain that is the right way no to get lost in the jungle of financial market.

A training conference is hold within the frames of the festival ”Financial Intelligence” arranged by the Małopolska Student Forum of the Business Centre Club jointly with a new faculty of the European Higher School.

The major international company TeleTrade (also known as Broker No.1) acts as a title sponsor.

The festival program is large and highly-topical: more than 30 lectures and workshops, famous guests and a considerable piece of valuable information. And everything is free of charge!

The following persons take part in the conference:

Friderik Karzelek, one of the most charismatic lectors in Poland; he is a man of praxis, the expert who have trained a lot of managers, financial advisors and entrepreneurs. He is also the originator of PDP (Permanent Personality Development) as well as the author of book “Ten Principles of Wealth”. He is going to share his experience in the field of financial advising.

Gregory Turniak, the chief of the company BM Polska, unrivaled representative of valuable ideas: networking, talent, carrier and time management as well as Krzysztof Sarnecki. He is a businessman, an expert-negotiator, an advisor of more than 600 companies in the USA and the head of the Academy of Business & Career Development, the largest education centre for the Poles in Chicago. They hold ta negotiation-conduct workshop. If you wish to get acquainted with one of the youngest Polish millionaires, the owner of the company ESC Poland, of the number of internet-shops and centres, the author and promoter of the idea ”Think as a Millionaire”, - do not hesitate and join us. Kamil Cybulski tells about the causes affecting bankruptcy of the company Malma.

The representatives of the Title Sponsor company TeleTrade in Kraków are the financial advisor David Augustin and manger Pjotr Muniak. They conduct certificate-confirmed training in the fields of trading and investment-making in currency exchange market, stock exchange psychology as well explain the opportunities of making money not depending on the situation of world markets.

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